Stand up for kindness

Wonderful video

This is hands down the best thing I’ve seen on the internet all bloody year. Watch, listen, learn and share… And if you see anyone trying to shame a baby or toddler just for being fed, stand up for them and offer to sit with them instead. Show kindness and acceptance and make them less alone. Ask if they need a drink, feeding is thirsty work. Do anything to show, not just to the mother and child but to everyone around with their judgemental eyes, that you accept this feeding mother and child. That they are welcome here.

Do that regardless of your own feeding choices, none of my babies were breastfed for long, all had formula to some extent and how my children were fed has nothing to do with the way nursing mothers are still treated in this modern world. It still it is clear to me that breastfeeding is best and needs promoting, not shaming. This shaming of babies and toddlers feeding from their own mothers breast is shameful and shocking and just has to stop. I’m not even sure I understand why it is still happening but know for definite it’s a factor in holding the UK in shocking low breastfeeding rates.

Their breastfeeding isn’t judging your own choices and it should not induce guilt for how you fed, guilt that keeps you quiet when you see wrong being done. You showing support and kindness in even the smallest measure, calling someone out for their toxic words if they decide to try and shame or approaching the mother to ask if they are ok, speaks loudly of your character and the beauty of helping another.
If you have a child with you I guarantee that mother is only going to see a beautiful child, not detect how you fed her and even if she could she wouldn’t judge you.

Be kind. Always be kind. 


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